Next Generation of Yorkshire’s Green Workforce

The Yorkshire Party is calling for green technology colleges to help solve the climate crisis.

Party leader Dr Bob Buxton, who has previously devised a foundation degree in renewables, said: “Recent surveys tell us that young people are increasingly concerned about climate change and pollution – and quite rightly so, it’s a challenge which has been ignored until crisis point. Not only can we make Yorkshire a world leader in green technology, but we can inspire children to pursue careers in science, engineering and technology, improving engagement with education.”

“One focus of such colleges could be greener transport technologies – perhaps supplying a workforce to build a mass transit system for West Yorkshire or new rail lines across Yorkshire.”

Dr Buxton, who lives in Rawdon and works in Bradford teaching engineering apprentices, said: “I’ve studied, written and currently teach engineering qualifications. I know the power of education and the quality of British engineering. No problem, no matter how large, is unsolvable. Let’s solve the climate crisis by leading the way in specialist green technology colleges.”

Dr Buxton said the defunct Horsforth campus of Leeds City College was a missed opportunity that could have made a green technology campus. Instead, he said, greenbelt and even a nature reserve will be destroyed to add housing to a heavily congested part of the city.


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