Newsletter – June 2018

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It’s now almost a year since the vast majority of local council leaders in Yorkshire put in their One Yorkshire proposal for greater devolution for the whole of the county.
Many others have got behind that proposal since – including ourselves, the regional CBI, trade unions and even the Archbishop of York. Yet we are still waiting for the Government to act on it.
We were told that we had to get the Sheffield City Mayoral election out of the way.  Well that happened over a month ago and we have heard nothing about the One Yorkshire deal since.
 All the time, places such as Manchester and Liverpool, with their own devolved powers, are getting on with it as Yorkshire continues to be left behind. 
 The Yorkshire economy is seriously underperforming at the moment. The Government’s own estimates show that having control of more of our own affairs here could boost the Yorkshire economy by as much as £13bn within 10 years. We believe even that is undervaluing our potential.
 I understand the Government has a lot on its plate at the moment, but frankly to leave us dangling without any decision is nothing short of contempt.
 I am calling on the Government to act now, and we’ll be in Westminster next week to make sure our voice is heard. 
Doncaster by-election
We achieved one of our best results in the Party’s short history in the local council by-election in Doncaster on Thursday.
Chris Whitwood, the Party’s Deputy Leader, got 25% of the vote in Town Ward, finishing in a strong second place, losing out only narrowly to the Labour winner.
This is a remarkable result considering we hadn’t stood in the seat at all until May last year. Many thanks to all those who supported the campaign in Doncaster.
Devolution debate is no longer Yes or No, but How. See my interview in The Yorkshire Post at: 
All the best,
Stewart Arnold,
Leader, the Yorkshire Party
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