Newsletter – February 2019

Preparing For The Local Government Elections in MayAlready some branches are well ahead with preparations for their local council polls on Thursday, May 2.

And the Party’s Election Co-ordinator – Executive member Bob Buxton – is keen to maintain the progress of recent years across Yorkshire.

He said: “We will field more candidates than ever before, a sure sign of growth and support for the Yorkshire Party. We hope to reach our target of 50 candidates – please help us get there by standing too.

Bob Buxton

“We encourage candidates to be as active as possible and we certainly hope to defend five council seats in May.

“If you can’t spare the time to leaflet, we also welcome ‘Paper Candidates’, who do little or no campaigning but still help by giving us a name on the ballot paper.

“If you’re unsure how much time you can give, a good halfway house is to be a ‘Protest Candidate’, who might focus their efforts on a particle issue and location within their council ward. All candidates are welcome; please help the Yorkshire Party by standing in May.”

If you’re interested in helping the Party, please contact Bob at [email protected].

Deputy Leader Chris Whitwood under lined the importance the leadership attaches to these elections.

Chris Whitwood

“I think 2019 promises to be a significant year of progress for the Yorkshire Party. The old political parties seem increasingly exhausted. It is time for new ideas.

“It’s been fantastic that so many people have put their names forward already, however there are still plenty of areas that have not yet selected a Yorkshire Party candidate. So, if you believe your local area deserves better, if you want to offer your community a positive alternative to the status quo or even if you just think that people should have another option on their ballot papers – stand for the Yorkshire Party!”


James Brokenshire’s Insult To Yorkshire

 The Communities Secretary told Yorkshire’s council leaders and MPs that Yorkshire would not be allowed to work together to improve our schools, roads and hospitals.

The Yorkshire Party was understandably at the front of the angry reaction.


Stewart Arnold

Among radio and TV broadcasts Leader Stewart Arnold appeared on the BBC’s Sunday Politics in Yorkshire to tell presenter Tim Iredale why this was a slap in the face but one that made One Yorkshire supporters determined to push on with our campaign.

And Deputy Leader Chris Whitwood was scathing in his immediate response on behalf of the Party. “This is a disgrace. Mr Brokenshire has no mandate to overrule the wishes of Yorkshire people. But this is what he has done. By allowing Mr Brokenshire to do this, the Government, and the Tory Party, are spitting in the face of every person in Yorkshire.”

The Yorkshire Post newspaper challenged Mr Brokenshire to explain himself. And it said the Communities Secretary, who had made only one formal visit to Yorkshire, should come in person.

Leaders of the One Yorkshire devolution initiative – which is backed by the Yorkshire Party – are seeking an urgent meeting with Mr Brokenshire. “He fails to recognise the considerable work of the great partnership we have developed, cross-party, to develop ambitious plans, which we calculate would add £30bn to the economy and bring the benefits of devolution to a region of 5m people.”

Local politicians attacked Westminster’s “we-know-best” stance.

And newspaper readers were not slow to react: one asking if the Government was afraid we would become too powerful?


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