Mike Jordan's Priorities

Tackling the Housing Crisis: the Right Homes in the Right Places

We desperately need more affordable and social housing, fairer rents and starter homes. I support rejuvenating ex-industrial and other ‘brownfield’ sites while protecting the greenbelt.

I also support the development of a Local Authority guarantor scheme, to bring landlords and tenants together and to help people to rent who don’t have a credit score/three years' rental records.

Supporting Renewable Energy, Opposing Fracking

The energy crisis has shown that we need greener homes. I support extending grants for insulation and subsidies for solar panels, on all new and existing buildings

We also need reliable, green, domestically-produced power. I support wind schemes in the right place, which are an effective way to generate power while protecting our farmland since they have a small footprint.

I strongly oppose fracking within the UK.

“Westminster has failed on housing and energy. If we had a Yorkshire Regional Parliament, we wouldn’t be held back, we could lead the way.”

Mike Jordan, Yorkshire Party

Backing Better Transport

Transport spending in Yorkshire is 7 times lower per person than in London. The Tories have cancelled Yorkshire’s transport projects while spending £18.8 billion on Crossrail.

I will lobby to get Yorkshire’s share of the cancelled HS2 project spent in Yorkshire, on supporting rural bus services, road improvements, pothole repairs and developing a comprehensive Yorkshire Travel Pass, for people to use on any form of public transport.

A Yorkshire Parliament: control and a strong voice

Yorkshire - and especially its more rural areas - keeps missing out on spending from London because it doesn’t have a strong voice to lobby for it, and because it doesn’t have the guaranteed funding that Scotland and Wales have. A Yorkshire Parliament would give us all this - and the power to decide how to spend that money and control our future, within a fairer United Kingdom.

But you need to vote for it: when the Yorkshire Party wins, Yorkshire wins.

“A big vote for the Yorkshire Party will send shock-waves to London and will force the parties there to take your complaints about cuts seriously.”

Mike Jordan, Yorkshire Party

Cllr Mike Jordan - your local candidate

Mike lives in Selby & Ainsty and has been a local councillor for 16 years, including serving as the final vice-chair of Selby Council. He is a retired industrial chemist and lives in Sherburn-in-Elmet with his wife, a retired primary teacher.

His policy priorities for the election are tackling the housing crisis by supporting the right developments in the right places, including social housing, getting better public transport for the area, and making sure that solar and wind farms can be developed without adversely affecting quality farmland.

Make London Listen to Yorkshire!

Westminster consistently ignores Yorkshire, from underfunding education to cutting key transport investment. The Yorkshire Party is the only party that is fighting for your fair share, and for the powers for Yorkshire folk to decide how it's spent.

Every vote for the Yorkshire Party sends a message to London.

“Westminster has failed on housing and energy. If we had a Yorkshire Regional Parliament, we wouldn’t be held back, we could lead the way.”

Mike Jordan, Yorkshire Party