Mike persuades council to back WASPI women

Yorkshire Party Councillor Mike Jordan has won the support of his North Yorkshire County Council colleagues in his fight on behalf of the WASPI women disadvantaged by state pension changes.

To jubilation in the gallery where affected women watched the proceedings, the County Council backed Mike’s resolution calling on “the Government to reconsider transitional arrangements for woman born on or after 6th April 1951, so that woman do not live in hardship due to the State Pension changes they were not told about until it was too late to make alternative arrangements”.

Mike told the council that Yorkshire had 292,300 WASPI women unjustly hit by the changes, among 3.8m nationally.


Mike Jordan: stirring speech

Picture: Robbie MacDonald


“Their only crime is, that they were born in the 1950s,” Mike told the council, meeting in Northallerton

“They agreed with the equalisation of the State Pension Age with men, but not with how those changes were implemented, with very little or no notice being given.

“All the major political parties are to blame: they have all failed them, since the Conservative Government of 1995.  Labour, the Coalition and now our present Conservatives Government haven’t done anything to address their plight,” Mike told the meeting.

In a stirring speech, Mike said “WASPI are asking for a bridging pension to provide an income until State Pension Age, not means tested and with compensation for loses for those woman who have already reached their State Pension Age

“There are 1950s woman across the country who are struggling Woman who are homeless or sofa surfing who have lost everything

“It may be that they are single, divorced or that there partner died.

“What happens when, with no State Pension, no bus pass unless you live in London, Liverpool, Scotland or Wales and no winter fuel allowance?

“Then woman become reliant on family, or friends, if they have any, that can help, and once that is exhausted they become homeless! Many suffer from depression and some have committed suicide.”

The Yorkshire Party has consistently shown its support for the WASPI women, including receiving a delegation and hearing speeches at its conference last autumn in Hull.

Mike, who represents South Selby, told his council that across the country 155 Councils had passed motions supporting WASPI, eight of them in Yorkshire.

The women were not seeking a hand out. “It’s what they worked and paid our National Insurance stamps for,” he said.

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