Mick Bower nominated for Sheffield metro mayor

Mick Bower of the Yorkshire Party has successfully handed in his nomination paper for the Sheffield City metro Mayoral election and will be the party’s candidate in the ballot on Thursday, May 3.

Mick said about the campaign so far: “I’m delighted to be on the ballot paper for May’s metro Mayor election. Let’s see how many others get across the line – some of the other parties are making it difficult for themselves!

“As we get closer to polling day, it’s clear to me that what’s on offer for Sheffield and the three other local councils is limited and unambitious. The deal for the city region also comes with very little money to achieve anything.

“The people of Doncaster and Barnsley have already voted to get together with the rest of Yorkshire and I think if the question was asked of the people of Sheffield and Rotherham they’d say the same. So let’s get together with the rest of Yorkshire as soon as possible and deliver some real economic, social and democratic change.

“I have been campaigning hard over the last months and have talked to a lot of people. They all say the same: it’s time for change.

“Together, let’s build the case for a fairer, more prosperous Yorkshire for all and make that change happen.”

The Yorkshire Post has reported Mick’s nomination and his challenge to rival parties to name their candidates. The newspaper also highlighted Labour’s crisis:  “Time is running out for the party to resolve its differences, with the prospect of the NEC stripping Mr [Dan] Jarvis [Barnsley Central MP] of the nomination still on the table despite the Friday, April 6 deadline for candidates to be declared.”

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