Martin sets timetable for Executive election

Members are being urged to nominate candidates for the broad leadership of the Party in an election that will see eight Executive Committee posts filled.

The poll will choose five Executive members to serve two-year terms until October 2021, and three to serve a year, to fill vacant positions until October 2020.

Nine nominations would trigger an election.

Martin Roberts; the Returning Officer has set out the key dates for the election

Candidates need to email Executive Member Martin Roberts, who is the Returning Officer for the poll at [email protected]

This should include: a candidate’s full name and a clear message putting themselves forward; the names and email addresses of two supporting Party members, who also need to email the Returning Officer confirming their support.

Once the information has been verified, Martin will confirm the candidate’s successful application.

The timetable for nominations is as follows:

Nominations open at 7am on September 1 and close at 10pm on September 14, 2019

Members may nominate only one candidate but candidates may also nominate others too.

Part of the internal elections will include a circulated email to all members, by successful candidates, stating why they would like to be elected to the Yorkshire Party Executive Committee. This will be restricted to a maximum of 250 words and may include a candidate’s photograph.

Candidates may submit their profiles from 7am September 11 and not later than 10pm on September 18.

Once put together these will then be circulated to all members on the first day of voting, along with a unique voting code.

Candidates don’t have to submit a profile piece for the election email but should note that that will appear will be their name and a blank space.

Voting Timetable: voting opens 7am September 22 and closes at 10pm on October 5, 2019

Martin said: “As part of the internal elections, candidates are allowed to campaign if they choose to, however they should ensure they are respectful to all when doing so.

“If candidates choose to use the internal Facebook Group for Members to campaign there will be a restriction of the number of times you may post campaigning material and that will be set to one post every three days.

“If you have any further questions or queries regarding the internal elections please don’t hesitate to send your inquiries to me at the email address mentioned above.

“Good luck to all prospective candidates.”

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