Manifesto launched for South Yorkshire Mayor

Simon hand delivers plans for a better South Yorkshire

Simon Biltcliffe has been out and about across all of South Yorkshire today, hand delivering his manifesto which promises to put the region back on the map.

He promises to be the most transparent politician in the country by donating his wage to charity and publishing all monthly expenses online.

"I founded and built my successful Barnsley-based business, which now employs over 40 people. We are exceptional in the way that it distributes profits to its employees and wider society rather than to shareholders.

I still live near Haigh and I’m a passionate environmentalist having planted over 10,000 trees in the past 7 years."

Recognising that South Yorkshire is in a prime position to capitalise on a new 'green energy revolution' his ideas are aimed towards reinvigorating the local economy and providing 1000s of high paid, long term jobs which will go hand in hand with rebuilding the highstreet with trageted support for local independent bussinesses.

To read the full manifesto - visit Simon's website here


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