Listen to Yorkshire

The Yorkshire Party has called on the Government to respect the results of the Big Yorkshire Conversation and give the area Scottish-style devolution.

Party Leader Bob Buxton said: “The results are clear. Three-quarters of Yorkshire people support more powerful devolution, and a clear majority would vote for a Yorkshire Parliament in a referendum. Let’s give the people of Yorkshire what they want – real local powers and fair local funding.”

“Devolution can revolutionise transport. Instead of being London’s poor-relation, a West Yorkshire mass transit system could be a reality not a distant dream. Beeching cuts could be reversed across Yorkshire, such as the York to Beverley line. The Borders railway has been re-opened in Scotland with great success – powerful devolution improves transport.”

The survey showed that only 7.5 per cent of Yorkshire people thought metro mayors were the best form of devolution.

Dr Buxton continued: “No one ever chose mayors. They have very little power, very little funding and how is it right that one person should represent millions? Let’s have powerful devolution instead. People are proud of their Yorkshire identity, including people who were not born here but chose to make Yorkshire their home. But we need transport to be proud of, fair funding for education and the opportunity to lead the way in new green technologies and green jobs."


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