Let’s tackle the issues that matter, says Eleanor

It’s time to start sorting out the issues that really matter to local people, says Eleanor Jordan, who is standing for the Yorkshire Party in the Byram and Brotherton ward of Selby District Council.

In her election leaflet, Eleanor asks voters: “Are you fed up that no one is talking about sorting Yorkshire’s issues out? Fed up with the lack of good public transport? Well, we need to help the Yorkshire Party gain support and elect councillors to start getting our proud county and district noticed.

“With Selby so close to York, which should form the ‘hub’ of a Yorkshire Assembly, we need to send a message to Westminster that we are here and that our communities and residents matter.

“This area has been Labour or Conservative and look how well they are doing in London to help the country, do you think they are faring any better locally?

“This is your chance to break that mould and vote for someone who lives and breathes Yorkshire. Then, and only then, can we think about devolved power to Yorkshire and funding and decisions for Yorkshire being decided in Yorkshire.

Eleanor Jordan: We’re missing out on funding

“I am Yorkshire through and through. I am proud of our county and wish to raise the profile of the Yorkshire Party to bring it to people’s attention.

“When you see how much is being invested elsewhere in the country and how we are suffering through lack of funding locally, then I hope you will share my desire for change.

“By working together to better represent our local communities we can build a better and fairer future for Yorkshire and the United Kingdom.”

Eleanor lives in Fairburn with her partner Andy. She is a product specialist for a computer software company. Her dad, Mike Jordan, is an experienced Yorkshire Party councillor and, if elected, they plan to work together to support residents and improve the local area.

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