Lets spread the message, says Party’s first news chief

Jack Bannan


The Party has taken an important step in its development as a political force in Yorkshire with the appointment of its first Director of Communications.

Jack Bannan is from Leamington Spa, but has lived mostly in Yorkshire since moving to Leeds to study in 2009. His aim is to ensure the Party’s message is heard more widely and more clearly.

Jack  lives in Sheffield and stood for the Party in the recent local elections in the city’s Walkley ward. He works in digital marketing for a global educational publishing website.

“It’s a hugely exciting time for the Yorkshire Party, with increasing recognition among the general public and a growing number of votes at the ballot box. Now’s the time to press on and increase the public’s awareness of the issues that are affecting the people of Yorkshire today, and how we propose to tackle them.”

“The immediate aim is to build on this foundation with some clearer messaging on who we are and what we stand for.

“We intend to push new messages each week; shedding light on some of our policies and thereby increasing the public’s understanding of our position on various issues.”

The inequality that Yorkshire families face in their daily lives helps to motivate Jack in his work for the Yorkshire Party. “Working for an educational company, I’m passionate about preventing the children of Yorkshire from being left behind by the uneven distribution of educational funding across the country.”

He wants to recruit a team to support the communications’ effort and has written to members asking to hear from supporters with the following skills: scheduling Facebook and Twitter posts; managing social media accounts; producing graphics and visuals; producing and editing video content; or interacting with the media.

“If you’re experienced in or interested in any of these areas, please do get in touch. We’d love to have you on the team. If you have any questions for myself about the finer details of our initial media strategy, please don’t be afraid to drop me a line,” said Jack.

Contact Jack at [email protected]

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