Let’s lower voting age to 16, says Stewart

Let’s give 16 and 17 year-olds the vote, Yorkshire Party Leader Stewart Arnold told sixth-formers at a York school.

Stewart was speaking to 300 students at a “Question Time” session organised by Huntington School, York.

The hour-long political debate was attended by the main parties and included Julian Sturdy, MP for York Outer.

Stewart told the sixth-formers who wanted to know opinions on extending the franchise: “I am in favour. After all, if you are required to pay tax at 16 then I think it quite legitimate you should also be able to vote on how your tax money is spent. As somebody once said ‘no taxation without representation’!

“It does however open up a bigger question about what is the age of majority these days because if the franchise is extended to 16 and 17-year-olds that’s one thing but of course this group of people cannot buy certain solvents! 


Stewart Arnold with ‘Question Time’ chairmen Owen and Jake, MP Julian Sturdy and other participants


“Equally, the issue of extending the vote is part of what we need to be doing to engage young people. I’m very proud that the Yorkshire Party was able to field youngest Parliamentary candidate in Yorkshire at last year’s General Election and that my Deputy Leader is just 26.

“Young people will get involved but we have to make the issues attractive for them and show that there is a welcoming home for them in the campaigns we run.”

Students wanted to know the panel’s opinion on Theresa May’s Brexit deal, Yorkshire devolution and what would the politicos like to change about York. “Its traffic, Stewart told them. He added that the city would be his choice for the site of a Yorkshire Assembly.

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