Leading Barnsley Independent group candidate joins Yorkshire Party

Steve Bullcock has joined the Yorkshire Party after standing for Barnsley Independent Group in May 2022

Steve Bullcock, who stood for the Barnsley Independent Group in the May 2022 Barnsley Council elections, has announced his decision to join the Yorkshire Party.

Mr Bullcock, who came second in the Central ward last month with almost 30% of the vote, has joined the Party after it came second across the Barnsley Borough in the 2022 South Yorkshire Mayoral Election.

Steve made it clear how impressed he was with the historic second-placed finish across Barnsley with 24% of the vote - the first time a non-parlimentary party has had such a finish in an election of this type - ahead of the Conservatives, Greens and Liberal Democrats.

Steve Bullcock explained: “I am delighted to have joined the Yorkshire Party and look forward to working with Party members across Yorkshire in the weeks and months ahead.

“Having met the Yorkshire Party South Yorkshire Mayoral candidate Simon Biltcliffe, I have been incredibly impressed with the Party’s ambitions for Barnsley.

“I believe the Yorkshire Party will be the main opposition to Labour at next year’s Barnsley Council elections - elections I look forward to fighting as a Yorkshire Party candidate.”

Simon Biltcliffe added: “I am thrilled to welcome Steve to the Yorkshire Party. Steve will be an incredible asset and I look forward to working with him to build a real alternative to Labour across Barnsley in the months ahead.”