Laura urges members to make bigger impact

The Party has appealed directly to members to help raise resources to help fight council seats.

The move initiated by Deputy Leader Laura Walker comes after candidate Paul Walker came third in the East Riding of Yorkshire by-election for Bridlington North ward.

Paul notched up a creditable 349 votes, behind winner Liberal Democrat Mike Heslop-Mullens (1,308) and the Tories’ Martin Burnhill (815).

Laura Walker: with your help, we can do better

Laura said: “Last week the people of Bridlington North missed out. Instead of our fantastic by election candidate Paul Walker, they elected a Liberal Democrat candidate.

“It’s time to learn some lessons about where we can do better as a Party.

“Paul worked really hard during the campaign, and Bridlington North should have been an ideal target seat for us – we won two councillors in the neighbouring wards at the recent local elections who have been getting us some great media coverage and publicity, we had a locally well-known candidate with an original and positive message – but this didn’t translate to votes on the day.

“So what did the Lib Dems do that we didn’t? In short, they threw resources at it: resources that we don’t have. The Lib Dems bussed in dozens of activists from all over Yorkshire. They put out multiple leaflets.

“Paul and some committed party members did some great campaigning, but we need more to win council seats, and here’s where you come in,” she told members

“Maybe you have been a member for a while, but you’ve never attended a branch meeting? Now is the time to get in touch with your local branch and get more involved. The more people involved in active branches, the stronger they become.

“When we have strong branches we can organise more support for our candidates, spread the party message and turn those second and third places into Yorkshire Party wins. You can find a list of all of our upcoming branch meetings and events at

“Maybe you currently have a £5 membership – if you upgrade to a full, standard membership from just £2 per month we can better fund by-elections and ensure that great candidates like Paul Walker don’t miss out on serving their communities. You can also make one off donations at any time that fund things like social media advertising and improvements to the Party website.

“Maybe you attend your local branch meetings, but you want to do more – why not suggest some ideas for local campaigning in your area or get in touch with other members on our private Facebook group. Street stalls, campaigning days or petitions on local issues are all good ideas to get the Yorkshire Party better known in your local area.

“Now is the time to become more involved in the Yorkshire Party. We can’t let Westminster parties with deep pockets take away Yorkshire’s voice.

“I’m looking forward to seeing you at a Yorkshire Party event soon!”

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