Labour’s ‘laughable’ efforts to trawl Hull for votes

Hull’s Wlberforce Monument        Picture: Paul GlazzardCC BY-SA 2.0


Stewart Arnold has denounced Labour’s attempts to woo voters in Hull as “laughable”.

The Yorkshire Party Leader says the title of Labour’s proposed conference on reaching voters in “Humberside” shows how out of touch the party has become.

“If Labour wants to connect with people in Yorkshire this is not a great start. Humberside was wound up almost 25 years ago. Even during its existence it was just an administrative term; certainly nobody talks about Humberside in 2018! 

“To use the term in Hull these days is laughable and shows just how out of touch the Labour Party has become in much of Yorkshire.”

Next month’s conference is being run by by the English Labour Network

Wikipedia, the free-content online encyclopaedia, says the English Labour Network was formed in 2017 to encourage Labour to embrace the distinct political identity of England. The group has called for the Labour Party to publish an English manifesto. 

The Yorkshire Party needs no encouragement to embrace the distinctive identity of the largest county in England: it is based on that identity and local people’s desire to manage their own affairs through One Yorkshire devolution.

It has published both manifestos and a series of policies witin it’s vision for Yorkshire, from Hull to the Dales.

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