Labour’s Jarvis and the devolution gaffes

Mick Bower, the Yorkshire Party candidate in May election for a Sheffield City Region mayor, has tackled one of Labour’s possible candidates Dan Jarvis, over his “muddied” inconsistencies

In his blog ‘Dan Jarvis and the Deathly Devolution Gaffes’, Mick Bower challenges the Barnsley MP: “Tell us what you really think Dan.”

“When he speaks to a Sheffield audience: Dan Jarvis doesn’t rule out sticking with the current Sheffield City Region arrangement for a full four-year term and beyond.

 When he speaks to an “honourable friend” from Scunthorpe in Westminster, Dan Jarvis stresses “that it is incredibly important that the deal is for Yorkshire and the Humber—both banks”.

 “When he puts out a document for Labour members and voters in South Yorkshire, Dan Jarvis wipes South Lincolnshire off the map.

 “Equally strange is the lack of scrutiny the Labour front runner is getting from the press and his fellow Labour members. Are they simply sitting this election out? Is it all image these days and old fashioned stuff like credible policy doesn’t matter or, like some of the candidates, are they so new to the concept of Yorkshire devolution they haven’t spotted the flaws in his arguments yet?”

In a YouTube video Mick Bower says: “It seems like telling his MP friends in London what they want to hear.”

“The Yorkshire Party have always been clear about what we want – all-Yorkshire devolution bringing value for money and prosperity for all. Labour have been all over the place.”

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