Key levelling up promise dropped after 30 days. No high-speed rail link between Liverpool and Hull

Rishi Sunak started his premiership by wiping out the promise to construct a high-speed rail link between Liverpool and Hull just 30 days after the promise was made.

In a move that is unlikely to soothe the concerns of the many Northern Tory MPs who will be nervously eyeing recent opinion polls, it comes as no surprise to us who are very accustomed to the usual rinse-and-repeat attitude towards infrastructure development in the North.

The proposed new station to be constructed in Bradford, one of the UK’s worst-connected cities, also meets the executioner's block.

We have all often seen that the usual attitude of investment into Yorkshire follows the path of:

  • New investment announced
  • After lengthy delays funding is reduced 
  • Original plan is scaled back considerably 
  • Project is eventually canceled 

Although it now seems that the government is skipping two of those steps.

To add salt to the wound, the HS2 line between London and Birmingham will continue to go ahead, despite being reportedly “many billions” over the initial budget. HS2 Chief Executive Mark Thurston told the House of Commons transport select committee that he was “confident” that the government would not reduce funding.

We believe Yorkshire has the potential to become an economic powerhouse but this can’t happen with decaying roads and delayed trains.

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