Join us in Hull and shape our future, urges Stewart

Stewart Arnold has written to very Party member to urge them to take part in next month’s Autumn Conference in Hull.

The Party Leader sees the Jubilee Hall meeting as a crucial step in helping the Party prepare for its political journey in 2019.

“This is set to be one of our biggest ever events, with much planned over the two days. We’ll soon be releasing our draft conference agenda,” he writes.

“If you have already purchased tickets for the Conference, I’d like to thank you. I look forward to welcoming you next month. However, if you haven’t yet purchased tickets, but are able to attend, I wanted personally to ask you to come.

Stewart Arnold

”For the Conference to be a success, we need as many members of the Yorkshire Party as possible to attend.  I appreciate you might still be considering, but this is a historic moment for our party. This year we’ve gained councillors on Hambleton, Selby and North Yorkshire Councils; we’ve launched branches in new areas across Yorkshire and we’ve helped to shape the narrative on devolution to Yorkshire.

“To keep growing as a Party, however, we need to host our best ever Conference. And to do that, we need to know how many members are planning to attend.

“Help the Yorkshire Party to build so 2019 can be our best ever year! I look forward to speaking to you soon,” Stewart tells members.

The Conference will be over two days: October 12 and 13. On Friday the focus will be on the business case for Yorkshire devolution and how a devolved Yorkshire Assembly can be used to help our economy thrive.

Saturday will include an introduction to the Party for new members; guest speakers or workshops (including campaign training and policies) from which delegates may to choose; a panel debate on Vision for Yorkshire: What will devolution look like? – which will include a question-and-answer session, updates and discussion on party policies. Lunch is included. 

Provisional Conference times are: Friday: 1:30pm – 5pm and Saturday: 9:30am – 5pm. More details are due to be announced later this week.

Chris Whitwood

Chris Whitwood, Deputy Leader, has been involved in the planning and said: “The Conference promises not only to be an enjoyable social opportunity to meet other Party members, the speakers and panel debates will be an opportunity to share exciting ideas and help drive the direction of the Yorkshire Party ready for the 2019 elections!”


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