Does the Government fear our power?

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Local newspaper readers have not been slow to react to the decision by Communities Secretary James Brokenshire to reject the One Yorkshire plan for devolution.

In letters to The Yorkshire Post:

Michael Meadowcroft, former Liberal MP and Honorary Alderman for City of Leeds sets out a three point plan for the what he calls the way forward: “the fundamental basis for a single Yorkshire authority needs to be re-stated”; “the economic and social case for One Yorkshire has to be better made”; and “the campaign for One Yorkshire needs to be owned by the people of Yorkshire”.

“Unless there is a visible and widespread campaign for One Yorkshire, it can be too easily ignored by Westminster and Whitehall,” he wrote.


And another correspondent K Moore, Box Hill, Scarborough, wrote: “The decision that the Government will not support a single Yorkshire authority does not surprise me because they fear the loss of central power it would bring.”


Geoffrey North, Silverdale Avenue, Guiseley, Leeds wrote that city mayors “present problems for surrounding rural areas and small towns which could be turned into power vacuums losing out on the big deals”.

“That is why the (almost) unified approach by local authorities in Yorkshire to create a body, which would benefit both industrial as well as rural areas, is both a unique and refreshing solution.

“It is a bottom-up approach which shows that small local authorities can come together for the common good.”


And Peter Horton, of Ripon, wrote: “A complete Yorkshire unit would be a bigger economy than Scotland and a wonderful counter-balance to Scottish ambitions.

“Is the Government afraid we would be too powerful?

“Mr Brokenshire is so well-named as he has broken the ambition for the shire of Yorkshire.”

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