Inaction risks further strain on those who have already suffered

Government must offer support on inflation

Yorkshire Party leader, Bob Buxton, who wrote a foundation degree in renewables, had this to say: "A VAT cut on energy bills is an obvious step which the Government has failed to take. The long-term solution is for the UK to become a net-energy exporter, prioritising green energy. A Yorkshire with real local powers could become a starting point for a green revolution, powered by education in green technologies."

Our candidate for the recent Wakefield by-election, David Herdson says benefits should be increased immediately, in line with the massive spike in inflation.

Mr Herdson said "the cost of living is rising so fast now that annual increases are putting a huge burden on people with strained budgets, and benefits are dropping behind costs.  While inflation remains high, benefits should be reviewed every six months, starting with an immediate increase to reflect the surging energy costs".