Hold Berry to account on Yorkshire devolution

Jake Berry


Northern Powerhouse Minister Jake Berry faces a backlash over his “crass comments” on Yorkshire devolution.

The Yorkshire Party has served notice it is to mount its biggest campaign – urging Mr Berry to stop blocking the will of the people or else to resign.

The MP for Rossendale in Lancashire told the BBC, who queried the hold-up in establishing One Yorkshire powers, there should be various city regions, defying the majority of Yorkshire authorities.

In an email to members, the Yorkshire Party said: “This is the Conservative Minister for the Northern Powerhouse; a man who doesn’t even represent a Yorkshire constituency, demanding that Yorkshire stops trying to work together.

Mr Berry is ignoring the wishes of elected Yorkshire Council leaders; ignoring MPs, Tory and Labour, from across Yorkshire; ignoring Dan Jarvis, the Mayor of South Yorkshire; and ignoring the tens of thousands of Doncaster and Barnsley residents who voted in a referendum in favour of real devolution to Yorkshire.”

The Party has appealed to members for help with the campaign. “Do you have any time over the next few weeks to deliver leaflets? Could you help us writing a letter to your local newspaper? Or might you be willing to share posts on Facebook and Twitter? 

“It is so important for us all to work together to hold Mr Berry and this Government to account. So if you are able to help the campaign, please reply to [email protected]

In a Yorkshire Post article on Mr Berry’s sub to One Yorkshire, Labour MP for Keighley, John Grogan, accused him of being “one of the main stumbling blocks to progress on Yorkshire devolution”.

The report also said “Political leaders fighting for a ‘One Yorkshire’ devolution deal … challenged the Government to “match our ambition”.

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