One Yorkshire Devolution

Yorkshire is now ready for a “One Yorkshire” devolution deal.  With Brexit on the way, we in Yorkshire need a strong dedicated voice to make sure we can take advantage of every opportunity that presents itself.

Lancashire is also starting to make a similar case for themselves.  The county recognises as we do, that the north of England is falling further and further behind. Various governments over the years have allowed the North South divide to persist which is perhaps the main reason why we have Brexit today. Until this happened we were making good progress with the “Northern Powerhouse” initiative.

Yorkshire has lost most of its traditional industries such as coal mining, textiles, steel and fishing. York, for instance, was once famous for chocolate manufacturing. It now relies on tourism only. We now need to urgently address this state of affairs. Yorkshire itself would be best placed to do so.

There are no major downsides or disadvantages to the devolution concept – it works and it would be disappointing if the presiding government did not give it fair consideration. The most advanced example of devolved governments can be seen in Germany and Switzerland, both resulting in very prosperous countries.  Many areas of Britain would benefit from devolution.  Some areas, however, particularly near London , have no need for change. Yorkshire is one of those regions that is desperately needs to make progress. Not only would it benefit Yorkshire, the added prosperity of the Northern regions would make Britain as a whole economically stronger.

The Yorkshire Party is ready to start negotiations for “One Yorkshire”, as we realise that if we don’t take the initiative, we will only be sold short by another Westminster fudge.

If you are interested in the Yorkshire Party, we hold regular informal meetings in various locations across Yorkshire.

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