Government Set to Break Rail Promises, Says Yorkshire Party

The Yorkshire Party has claimed that the Government is delaying, dithering and downgrading its commitments to rail investment in the North. The Party believes only full devolution of transport decisions can deliver modern transport to Yorkshire.

Yorkshire Party leader, Bob Buxton, said: “Reports last week tell us that the building and upgrading of links between Leeds, Bradford, York, Hull, Sheffield, Newcastle and Manchester may be delayed and downgraded – with less favourable, cheaper routes used instead.”

It has been reported that the new high-speed Pennines line may now miss out Bradford city centre. Bob Buxton, who is also the Yorkshire Party candidate for West Yorkshire Mayor, added: “Bradford will go from being the biggest winner to the biggest loser. Bradford needs economic regeneration but, like much of the North, it will be forgotten again.”

“Northern political leaders, industrial leaders and local people want twenty-first century transport but national Government favours cheap half-measures for the North – in stark contrast to the bottomless billions available for London’s Crossrail.

The Yorkshire Party has long campaigned for the reversal of Beeching cuts. “Small but important links are being forgotten as well. The campaign to reopen the York-Beverley line suffered a knock-back last week, despite cross-party support – including from local Tories. As ever, national government ignores local government.”

“It’s yet more proof that Yorkshire needs powerful devolution through a Regional Parliament.”


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