Government Broke its Own Biosecurity Strategy, Says Yorkshire Party

The Yorkshire Party has criticised the Government for breaching its own 2018 Biological Security Strategy.

The strategy claimed that, in 2018: “The UK has in place a comprehensive and well-tested system for rapidly detecting and identifying disease outbreaks.”

Yorkshire Party leader, Bob Buxton, said: “What system? Why has it not been used from January? Instead, we’ve had the catalogue of disasters of track-and-trace.”

Another extract from the strategy states: “We will continue to ensure that we have the appropriate stockpiles of medical countermeasures to address crises, and that there is resilience in our supply chains for key medical countermeasures.” 

Bob Buxton added: “Despite supposedly adopting this strategy in 2018, PPE stockpiles and supplies were insufficient. The Government failed to protect NHS staff, as well as care home staff and residents.”

The strategy states that the Department for International Development (DFID) established an Epidemic Threat Groups to “spot threats early, prepare quickly and respond smartly in a timely, coherent and coordinated manner when a potential threat unfolds.” A further extract states that biology issues should be addressed “when they first arise.”

Bob Buxton commented: “The potential threat arose in China in December 2019. There was no Government strategy at all for three months, just dithering.”

The Yorkshire Party has continued to urge people to follow lockdown rules, even if they are disillusioned with the Government: “Tory failures make it all the more important for us all to
do our best to save lives. Not for the sake of the Government but simply to save lives.”

Bob Buxton concluded: “There’s no point in forming policy based on expert opinion if the Government just ignores it. This is dereliction of duty of the worst kind.”

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