Give our children a fair chance in the classroom


The Yorkshire Party has demanded a fair deal on education spending, in a bid to equip all the region’s schoolchildren with the skills needed to compete in the 21st century.

We point to the financial disparity that sees £6,965 spent on teaching each London child each year while just £4,163 is invested in a pupil in York.

Not surprisingly, this has left Yorkshire with poor attainment levels for its teenagers. Yorkshire was the lowest ranked region in England 2013-14 for education attainment.

In the early 2000s, London faced a similarly bleak education performance. The solution was the London Challenge – extra investment but also a complete political strategy to turn round the capital’s failing schools.

In 1997, only 16% got 5 A to C grades at GCSE. By 2010, after the challenge, “London had a higher proportion of good and outstanding schools than any other area of England”.

Read how the London Challenge had “a simple moral imperative”: to ensure every young person in London received a good, or better, education”.

We want the same for our children. Read Our Vision for Education at

We say: “Every young person in Yorkshire deserves an outstanding education – it is a moral imperative for Yorkshire and our economy depends on it.”


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