First alternative to the big two

Across Yorkshire we've seen fantastic strides forward towards achieving a fairer settlement for our county.

Our hard working candidates and volunteers have run the most professional campaign we've managed since we were founded back in 2014, to demand a better future for all in our region.

With the backdrop of an ascendent Labour party we achieved a substantial 5% increase to 13.4%. Underlining our status as the third party of Yorkshire.

In Barnsley we finished second in the borough with a historic 23.1%, tripling our share from 2018.

Parties outside the big two do not finish second, until now.

With over a million electors to reach we have been the only campaign to take the fight to London based parties across all the four boroughs and in every community of South Yorkshire.

Without the corporate backing of the Conservatives or the trade union funding of the Labour party we have continued to punch well above our weight.

This result, along with our 3rd place success in the last year's West Yorkshire Mayoral contest, demonstrates a consistent demand for real transformative powers to be taken down from Westminster to empower local communities.

It further cements our unique vision for a more inclusive, prosperous and successful Yorkshire.

However, the fight is not over.

We need more members, volunteers, candidates and funding to grow into the organisation that can bring about a permanent seismic change and build a stronger Yorkshire within a fairer United Kingdom.

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