Everyone Must Act to Stop Climate Change, Says Yorkshire Party

The Yorkshire Party has urged all levels of government, businesses and all citizens to take action on climate change.

The Yorkshire Party has urged all levels of government, businesses and all citizens to take action on climate change.

Yorkshire Party Leader, Bob Buxton, said: "World leaders certainly need to play their part and make up for decades of failure. All levels of councils need to act too. I'm proud that our Bridlington councillors finally persuaded the East Riding of Yorkshire Council to declare a climate emergency, albeit at the third attempt. I’m also proud to have Simon Biltcliffe as the Yorkshire candidate for South Yorkshire Mayor since he founded and runs an eco-friendly business that is rewilding 166 acres in Scotland.”

"Much more is needed. The West Yorkshire Combined Authority needs to push for a mass transit system. It was absent from the Budget and I'm disappointed that Mayor Brabin has simply stopped mentioning it - despite supporting it during the election campaign. West Yorkshire can't go green without world-class public transport. The free bus day was a pleasant gesture but not part of a long-term solution. We need higher quality public transport to increase usage."

"On a positive note, I'm pleased to read that council leaders in Leeds want to increase green jobs and I hope that they take up the recent Yorkshire Party policy of having specialist Green Technology Colleges - with a skilled workforce, Yorkshire can be the green workshop of the world and build greener homes and transport."

Yorkshire Party Environment spokesman, Cllr Andy Walker added: “The time to act is now! Yorkshire has so many advantages and can become the centre for the knowledge and skills that are needed to flourish - some would say To Survive - but not if we leave it to someone else. A Yorkshire Regional Parliament would champion these opportunities, would encourage the education and innovation - and would invest in a truly regional economy - because we fundamentally understand the importance of ‘Place’.”

Dr Buxton concluded: "We must all look to ourselves to do more, support eco-friendly businesses and demand action from politicians before giving them our vote. It's not too late but it is the 11th hour. We must all be the change we want to see in the world: reduce, reuse, recycle."

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