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Our campaigning teams have been active across the county during the last few weeks as we are contesting two by elections.

The two wards to be elected are Wheatley Hills & Intake on Doncaster Council and Mayfield ward on Scarborough Council.

The Wheatley Hills election has been called due to the arrest and resignation of the sitting Labour councillor over drug offences.

We are putting it to the voters of Doncaster, who do you prefer? Drug offences Labour, lockdown partying Tories or a hard working & community focused candidate who is willing to make a difference to his local ward. We have selected our candidate for mayor of Doncaster in last years elections, former soldier - Andy Budden.

"I'm delighted to again contest the ward which I live in, although it is a shame that yet again Labour have let this area and this town down. It's time to get some fresh voices into the council chambers, another Labour councillor wont make a difference, but a Yorkshire Party one will"

Our other selected candidate is Cllr Lee Derrick, currently sitting on Whitby town council and who contested both the Whitby West Cliff ward in 2019 while receiving 12.9% of the vote and the Whitby & Scarborough seat at the General Election.

In other election news, we have gained a parish councillor on Aberford & District council as Cllr Tyler Wilson was elected unopposed and Ian Cowling is contesting the Greenacre ward on Rawdon Parish council, standing against both the Labour Party and the Conservatives, that election is to be held on the 17th March.


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