The economy in Yorkshire is significantly underperforming. In 2019 our economy grew by only 1.2% – far behind London’s 2.2% and the South East’s 1.6%.  Our employment figures lag behind the rest of the country as well, with 73.3% of Yorkshire being employed, below the nationa average of 76.4% and nowhere compared to the South East’s 79.6%. This compounds when you consider that those working in Yorkshire earn much less than most of the rest of the country.

These statistics show that our economy is not working properly. Hampered by decades of underinvestment, Yorkshire’s tremendous businesses are struggling under the weight of inadequate infrastructure. Meanwhile, our residents suffer with underfunded and disjointed public services which condemn too many people to social exclusion and misery.

In the Yorkshire Party, we believe our economy can thrive only if the public and private sectors work together. Our vision is an inclusive one: where a dynamic and innovative private sector creates the jobs and growth our region needs, whilst a well-funded public sector delivers a universally accessible welfare state.

We are committed to curbing inequality of opportunity and enhancing social mobility, ensuring that everyone within Yorkshire is given the tools to succeed in life. Too many people in Yorkshire do not have access to these tools and have been left behind by successive governments.

We believe that private sector growth is best delivered with the support of a well-funded public sector and that the public sector can be well-funded only if the private sector is thriving.

We will support economic growth in Yorkshire by working with businesses to deliver the infrastructure they need, reinvesting the proceeds of this growth in our public services.

By developing an inclusive economy, where employees, business owners and the government work together, Yorkshire can thrive on the world stage.