Doncaster Airport must be saved

The vital transport hub must be saved to protect Yorkshire's economy.

The Peel Group claims that Doncaster Airport is not profitable and, as the airport's owner, is considering shutting down operations there.

We believe this claim is untrue.  We also note that Peel has form in running down airports and profiting from developing the land.  It is what happened when they closed Sheffield City Airport.  It is what would have happened at Teesside Airport, had that not been rescued by local public authorities.

The Peel Group should not be allowed to destroy an important local facility, and the 800 on-site jobs dependent on it, for short-term profit. 

Doncaster Airport served over 2.2 million passengers in 2018 and has excellent potential to grow further - especially if the proposed rail link to the station goes ahead.

With Peel Group starting the process of winding down the airport - time is of the essence. South Yorkshire Mayor, Oliver Coppard needs to start the process of a compulsory purchase order to resuce the airport's future.

Teeside Airport was once threatened with closure by the Peel group. 

The Mayor there stepped in to save it as an essential public asset. 

Why is Oliver Coppard not prepared to make the same commitment? 


We call on:

- Doncaster Council to refuse any planning application to change the land use of the airport;

- The South Yorkshire Mayor Oliver Coppard to begin the process of a Compulsory Purchase Order to save the Airport.

Will you sign?