We are funded by ordinary people who believe Yorkshire deserves a better deal than what it is currently getting from London Centric major political parties - major parties that are funded by a few big businesses, trade unions and rich individuals. 

Every penny you donate to us goes on to help us continue our campaign for a stronger Yorkshire within a fairer United Kingdom. 

We've had a record-breaking last few years:

  • Gaining our best-ever parliamentary election result in Wakefield.
  • Becoming the first non-parliamentary party to finish second across an entire borough in the South Yorkshire Mayoral election.
  • Membership hitting record highs
  • Finishing third across the entire of West Yorkshire during their metro mayor contest.

However, we can't continue at this pace without your help - by donating to us you are helping us print more leaflets, stand more candidates and win more elections. 

Please consider helping us build a better Yorkshire for all those who chose to live, work and learn here.