Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Would the creation of a Yorkshire Regional Parliament lead to independence? 

The Yorkshire Party is not campaigning for independence, we are campaigning for an Regional Parliament for Yorkshire, which would be within the framework of the United Kingdom. We believe it would enable Yorkshire to become an empowered part of the UK and build a stronger Yorkshire within a fairer United Kingdom. 

Q2. Wouldn’t an Regional Parliament of Yorkshire simply be another layer of expensive politicians? 

The Assembly of Yorkshire would be responsible for making strategic decisions about Yorkshire’s future. It would bring greater decision-making back to Yorkshire, and it would do away with the need for so many unelected bodies and expensive but power lacking metro mayors & PCCs.  

It would also lead to a significant reduction in the number of unelected individuals on such bodies with little or no democratic control. 

Q3. Isn’t Yorkshire just too small for its own Regional Parliament? 

There are even independent countries, with populations smaller than that of Yorkshire.  

These include: Iceland (320,000), Luxembourg (525,000) and Malta (455,000) 

There are also countless examples of smaller regions that have devolved governments. Closer to home Wales (which has an Assembly!) has a population of just over 3,000,000 and the gross domestic product for Wales in 2019 was approximately £77.5 billion. By contrast the gross domestic product of Yorkshire in 2019 was £146,8 billion and a population of 5.4 million (2019) 

Q4. Wouldn’t an Regional Parliament cost us all a lot more? 

A4. The Yorkshire Party is confident that a new democratic settlement for Yorkshire would actually save money and boost the Yorkshire economy. The increased democratisation of the UK would lead to the abolition of a large number of unelected bodies, and the Regional Parliament of Yorkshire would also ensure that much of the business of government and administration, presently carried out in places such as Birmingham or London, would be happening in Yorkshire – creating a significant number of well-paid new jobs. 

A Regional Parliament would also be best placed to manage the expenditure of the majority of the public sector in Yorkshire and to create the conditions to develop a more successful and sustainable Yorkshire economy. 

Q5. What would be the point of MPs after an Assembly came into being? 

The Regional Parliament of Yorkshire would not be independent of the UK and local MPs would still need to play a full and constructive role at Westminster. They would need to represent Yorkshire perspectives on a wide range of issues that the Regional Parliament would not be responsible for, such as foreign policy and defence. 

Q6. Would the new Regional Parliament need a new purpose-built building? 

We consider that the Regional Parliament of Yorkshire would not need such a new building. It is the view of the Party for Yorkshire that existing buildings already in the public sector could accommodate the new democratic settlement for Yorkshire.