Devolution call to defuse population time-bomb

Yorkshire faces a demographic time-bomb that threatens to “rip the heart out” of many towns and villages and distance them further from the region’s thriving cities, The Yorkshire Post newspaper has warned.

Its week-long series A Tale of Two Yorkshires” assessed the consequences of the growing demographic divide between our towns, villages and cities.

The newspaper reported that population projections showed the combination of an ageing population and the drift of the working age population to major urban centres seen in recent decades would continue to re-shape Yorkshire.

Another article said devolution could help the region deal with the impact of its ageing population. Local MPs thought that giving Yorkshire the power and money to boost the economy, improve transport and widen education was essential to help the region deal with its ageing population and ensure jobs and that young people returned to its towns and villages.

Another report by Rob Parsons said: “With the region’s towns and villages ageing at a faster rate than in cities, the need for housing to help older people live independently is becoming more acute than ever.”

Stewart Arnold

The series was applauded by Yorkshire Party Leader Stewart Arnold. He said: “The Yorkshire Post is making a very important contribution to the debate on devolution in Yorkshire through its ageing population special this week.

“The Yorkshire Party has said all along that people will only get behind the idea of devolution when they see the benefits to their lives. The Yorkshire Post is setting out how devolution could help solve the problems caused by an ageing population in the region.”

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