Deposit for Sheffield hopefuls ‘absurd’

Picture: Robbie MacDonald

With news emerging that the deposit for candidates wanting to fight the Sheffield City Mayor election is to be set at £5000, the Yorkshire Party has attacked the cost as being “absurd”.

Stewart Arnold, Leader of the Yorkshire Party, said: “To set the deposit so high is absurd for something with so little powers.

“The Sheffield City Region is too small and the Mayor will not have the powers necessary to make real change happen but will cost a small fortune. It’s a white elephant.

“The deposit for the Doncaster Mayor last year was just £500. Given the Sheffield City Mayor election is just Doncaster plus 3 other local council areas, logically the most the deposit should be is £2000.

“This won’t stop us fighting the election and we already have a candidate in place, but I would ask the Communities Minister to review this.”

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