Deadline looms in voting for Party Leader

Any members who have not yet voted in the Party’s leadership election have just a few more days in which to register their choice.

Voting closes at 23.59 on Sunday July 28.

The two candidates are Chris Whitwood and Jack Bannan: Chris is the incumbent, having taken on the leadership, pending this election, after the resignation of then Leader Stewart Arnold; Jack is the Party’s Director of Communications.

Deputy Chairman Matt Clover, who is running the poll, has urged members to register their choice.

Returning Officer Matt Clover has reminded members of the Sunday night deadline

He told members: “The leadership election is coming to a close so now is the time to register your vote if you haven’t done so already.

“This contest has proved to be a lot closer than many anticipated and nobody really knows which way it will go.

“Your vote could make all the difference in this election and help determine the future path of the party.

“If you are having any problems voting or are unsure in any way about the process, please contact me as soon as possible at [email protected].” 

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