Dan gives a steer on Wakefield’s shaky roads

Dan Cochran: wants to see more confidence in Wakefield


Wakefield South candidate Dan Cochran has highlighted the poor quality of some local roads, which he says are not just a danger to commuters but also impede businesses in the area

“The state of some of the district’s roads ranges from shabby to, in a few cases dangerous.

“As movement of people is essential to any functioning economy, I believe that maintenance of the district’s road infrastructure is vital. Both in terms of helping people get to work more easily (particularly cyclists, for whom potholes are a real danger) and assisting local businesses which often rely on just in time deliveries.

“For this reason budgets for roads and transport must be protected from cuts.”

He calls for more confidence in the city and the talents of its people

“Looking to the future, investment in the skills that the next generation will require to compete in an increasingly globalised workforce cannot be overstated. For this reason I propose a similar budgetary protection for the district’s schools and colleges.”

Dan has welcomed the rise in allowance allocated to the police in this year’s council tax statement but wants the extra cash “spent wisely on the law and order priorities of the people of this city”.

“For this reason if elected, I will work with other council members to co-ordinate with the Police and Crime Commissioner for West Yorkshire in monitoring the effectiveness in bringing down both crime, and the fear of crime.”

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