The COVID-19 situation is a tragedy that has struck at the very heart of our society. The deadly nature of the virus has snatched the lives of our loved ones, stripping them away from their families and placing many more into a critical condition both health-wise and financially. Yet, throughout the course of this pandemic, our Nation's fantastic key workers have once again stepped up, tackling the situation before us with courage, self-discipline and a selfless inbuilt nature to help others. This policy sets in motion several measures that the Yorkshire Party will campaign for in support of our key workers. Helping to support key workers and their families throughout and after this crisis passes, it is our turn as a society to support those who sacrifice their own health in the stewardship to protect others.

OPERATIONAL BONUS (Tax-Free) and Economic Support Measures.

  • All key workers who are currently commuting to work and being placed at an increased risk of infection from COVID-19 will be entitled to claim an operational bonus of £80 per week, Tax-Free, for every week they are operational within the COVID-19 crisis. *
  • All key workers will be entitled to their full pay (and additional operational bonus) for any sick leave and self-isolation caused by COVID-19, throughout the crisis.

This would not affect any pre-existing legacy arrangements while in the Line of Duty. These will remain active and valid.

Who are the Key Workers?

Key Workers are those essential to the daily running of the Country and are listed by the UK Government Online.[i] All Key Workers (still commuting and exposed to COVID-19)  will receive the commitments listed above. Examples of Key Workers are those in the following sectors;

  • All NHS Staff (Health and Social Care Sector)
  • Education and Childcare Sector
  • Key Public Services
  • Food and Necessary Goods Sector (Food production, distribution, sale and delivery).
  • Public Safety and National Security (Police, Fire, Armed Forces)
  • Public Transportation Sector (Buses, Rail, Freight, and Maritime industry)
  • Utilities, communication and financial services.

Closing Remarks.

This policy provides a small but essential piece of support to our key workers and their families during this incredibly demanding and traumatic time. The economic impact of this policy pales in comparison to the human cost and the lives directly impacted by this pandemic, and it is during times like these where governments must put the people first. The economic cost of these policies would be added on to the already announced budgets for support during the crisis, which currently total in excess of £330 billion.[ii] We call upon the UK Government to recognise the immense strain frontline workers are on and have been for several years. The Government must set out a strategy to remedy the situation, reverse austerity measures and support the frontline workers and their families throughout this pandemic and for the foreseeable future. The Yorkshire Party will continue to campaign in support of our frontline workers.



* Estimation of cost for £80 a week over an initial 6 months

There are an estimated 7.1 million Key workers

(according to 2018-19 Labour Force Survey Study <>)

7.1 million x £80 = £568 million (1 week)

(7,100,000 x 80= 568,000,000)

£568 million x 4 = £2, 272 million (4 weeks/ 1 Month)

(568,000,000 x 4 = 2,272,000,000)

£2,272 million x 6 = £13,632 million (6 months)

(2,272,000,000 x 6= 13,632,000,000)

Total = £13 billion 632 million


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