Children’s champion says Northern kids miss out

Image: the Children’s Commissioner


The Yorkshire Party has welcomed the report from the Children’s Commissioner that highlights the differences in attainment between school kids in the North, including Yorkshire, and their counterparts in the South.

Leader of the Yorkshire Party, Stewart Arnold said: “”We are naturally delighted that Children’s Commissioners has picked up on the idea of an ‘educational challenge’ as a way of combating the apparent imbalance in educational attainment between the North and South of the country.

“The world is changing, so must our skills. We want  an educational challenge or, what we call, a ‘Yorkshire Challenge’. This will allow our children to get the best start in life, to develop relevant skills, so we can give our children, and region, the best chance of succeeding.

“However, to make all this happen, we must have the devolution of education out of London and closer to the people in the county so that we can properly implement the ‘Yorkshire Challenge’.

“We don’t agree with her when though she suggests setting up another quango. She says she wants the creation of ‘Growing Up North Forums’, similar to a Local Enterprise Partnerships.

“Quite simply, this could be done through a Yorkshire assembly or parliament with responsibility for education. This is what happens in Scotland, Wales and even London.

“This cannot be left to yet another quango. We identified that education must be at the heart of what government in Yorkshire does. It’s too important to be left to an unelected unaccountable quango.

“Every young person in Yorkshire deserves an outstanding education – it is a moral imperative for Yorkshire and our economy depends on it.”


The report – Growing Up North:  a generation of children await the powerhouse promise – is produced by Anne Longfield, Children’s Commissioner for England.

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