Rotherham scandal pushed Mick into politics

Mick Bower


Yorkshire Party candidate Mick Bower has told how the authorities’ appalling handling of the Rotherham child-grooming scandal made him enter politics.

Mick, the Party’s candidate in the election for Mayor of the Sheffield City Region – which includes his hometown of Rotherham – told the JUS news website: “When it all started to come out, the council just shuffled the deck and got a different bunch of people in, but no one was held to account.

“That was my snapping point that was when I thought: ‘Enough is enough: I’ve got to do something’.”

The National Crime Agency giving an update on Operation Stovewood, the investigation into child sexual exploitation over a 16-year period in the South Yorkshire town, said 1,510 children were abused.

The news website tells how the “former teacher turned One Yorkshire firebrand is hoping for a shock result in this week’s mayoral election”.

JUS News says that one of the issues Mr Bower has weaponised most effectively on the campaign trail is what he calls the culture of “behind-closed-door deals” in South Yorkshire, whereby Labour-dominated councils with no significant opposition can defy public opinion and “do as they please”.


*Voting in the Mayoral poll is on Thursday (May 3, 2018), using the  Supplementary Vote system.

The Electoral reform Society explained the procedure. “All the votes for favourite candidates are counted and if one candidate gets over than 50% they are elected.

“If no candidate gets over 50%, the top two candidates continue to a run-off round and all other candidates are eliminated. The votes of everyone whose favourite candidate has been eliminated are moved to their second favourite.

“Votes from people who had their favourite candidate eliminated and their second favourite candidate is in the run-off, are added to their first-round totals for the two run-off candidates. The candidate with the most votes at this stage is declared the winner.”

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