Candidates, take a bow for your amazing efforts

Well done to all our candidates and supporters for their work on behalf of their communities in the May 2019 local elections.

Here’s a round-up of  our remaining results:

West Yorkshire


In Craven, Peter Kaye was narrowly last of the six candidates with 190 votes, with a Tory taking the ward; in Eccleshill, Lara Barras was bottom of the poll of six with 79 votes; in Shipley, Darren Longhorne was fourth of the five candidates with 148 votes.


In Northowram and Shelf, Daniel Manning got 342 votes, ahead of both the Greens and Lib Dems, well behind the winning Tory candidate but close to his Labour rival; while in Brighouse, Philip Lumb was also third with 517 votes close behind Labour but well back from the Conservative.


Bob Buxton: spirited campaigner

In Guiseley and Rawdon, Party Elections Co-ordinator Bob Buxton showed what a spirited campaign by a locally known candidates could do, coming in third with 899 votes, well ahead of the Greens and Lib Dems; in Headingley Anthony Greaux was well down the field with 67 vote; as was Executive Committee  member Matt Clover in with 131 votes in Killingbeck and Seacroft.

South Yorkshire


In Monk Bretton ward, Ryan Williams (268 votes) was beaten into third place but ahead of the Conservative; in Dodworth, Chris Burrows was fourth on 260 votes, but again ahead of the Tory; and the same pattern in North East, where Tony Devoy was third on 467 votes; in Penistone East, Lee Golding was pushed back into last place with 562 votes.


Jack Carrington: energetic battler

In East Ecclesfield, Alex Robertson was sixth of eight candidates on 256 votes, in Manor Castle, the energetic campaigner Jack Carrington was fourth with 402 votes; in Mosborough, Ben Bancroft was fourth with 3302 votes; in Stocksbridge and Upper Don, Will Pitt was last of the six candidates with 330 votes; in Walkley, Jack Bannan was sixth of seven on 116 votes.

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