Steve Bullcock - Barnsley Central

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I know the residents of the Barnsley Central Ward are looking for change and improvement. People tell me this on a regular basis.

I have been working with members of our community to make things better. We have organised community litter picks and I've reported over 80 fly tip events to the council. I've raised issues on the state of our pavements and submitted ideas for road improvements.

Whilst we have achieved a much over the last 18 months, Just imagine what could be done if elected - working in collaboration with other councillors from other parties irrespective of political persuasion, with one common aim " getting the best for the people of Barnsley Central Ward and Barnsley for the next 4 years " .

So why The Yorkshire Party ?

Yorkshire faces a constant repeat of funding cuts, decaying roads & rails, struggling schools, and a stuttering economy. While London and the South East take the lion's share of investment, our communities are left to suffer. It's time for fair funding and a Yorkshire Regional Parliament. The Yorkshire Party is the only party standing up for an end to London-centric politics.

Vote Steve Bullcock. Vote Yorkshire Party.