Candidate Announced for Wakefield By Election

Dated 26.04.2022

Building on the fantastic result gained in the West Yorkshire Mayoral election, where we finished third and achieved 12% of the vote within the Wakefield district, we have selected David Herdson to be our candidate for the forthcoming parliamentary by-election.

As a local resident who is standing for council in the Wakefield Rural ward while living with his family within the constituency, he is committed to bringing the change that neither of the big two London parties offer.

He is a former councillor who currently works in IT.

David Herdson was previously a member of the Conservative Party but resigned 3 years ago in opposition to Boris Johnson policies and attitude. He later joined the Yorkshire Party, calling it “a centrist, pragmatic party with a positive and ambitious vision of a stronger Yorkshire in a fairer UK”.

"Commenting on his selection, the Crigglestone resident said: “Both the Tories and Labour are London-based parties with London-based leaders, who have let Wakefield down over the years; the Tories especially so, more recently."

"Yorkshire is ignored by Westminster. We miss out on funding and initiatives in education and transport. It would be far better if we got our fair share up front and had the power to decide what to do with it, through a Yorkshire regional parliament, in the same way that Scotland does."

"For example, we could have the same level of investment in education as London, to ensure that younger children get the support they need, while giving all post-GCSE students and adults access to a wide choice of suitable vocational and academic options. This would fill skills gaps in health and social care, green technology and transport, hospitality, computing and education itself, creating the economic growth and better-paid jobs we need during the cost-of-living crisis."

"I hope to convince the voters of Wakefield that by backing the Yorkshire Party, they can take a big step towards that fairer future, a future with better education and jobs."

Yorkshire Party leader Bob Buxton, said: “We are the only alternative to the Tories and Labour that can win in Wakefield, as the results from last year’s mayoral contest show: we finished a strong third, with more than twice as many votes across the district as the fourth party. I hope the people of Wakefield will put their trust in David; he would make an excellent MP.”

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