Call to challenge Brokenshire in the courts

There should be a legal challenge to James Brokenshire’s “flawed” rejection of One Yorkshire devolution, Yorkshire Party member Diana Wallis has written.

Diana Wallis: “legally questionable procedure”

In a letter published by The Yorkshire Post Diana, says: “We should not accept the flawed decision by James Brokenshire, the Communities Secretary, to reject ‘One Yorkshire’ devolution.

Diana, a qualified solicitor and Senior Fellow in Law at Hull University, says: “Both the manner in which it was delivered and communicated show a contempt for our county, but beyond that it is highly questionable legally.

“It is a non-decision, a statement in a simple letter, without proper reasoning, referring to criteria which do not exist; the Minister appears to constrain his own power to act when he is under no such obligation.

“Yorkshire should not accept this rotten and dismissive manner of government decision-making.

“It needs to be legally challenged.

“The 18 Yorkshire local authorities [that supported the One Yorkshire proposals in a document sent to Mr Brokenshire] should make an application for a judicial review through the courts.

“If they don’t have the courage, why not a crowd-funded action by a diverse and interested group on behalf of people of Yorkshire?” asks the former Member of the European Parliament..

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