Call for ‘bottom-up’ review of city transport

Bob Buxton

Bob Buxton, the Yorkshire Party candidate for Guiseley & Rawdon in next month’s local elections, has called for a new approach transport strategy in Leeds.

Bob said: “Leeds is the largest city in the EU without a mass transit system and suffers high levels of air pollution.

“Why should politicians lead the way when they’re not experts on transport, when they’re not listening to what people want and when they have a terrible track record in Leeds? £40 million was spent on Supertram before it was abandoned.

“Next was the hair-brained trolley bus scheme and now it’s an expensive airport road, which will do nothing to help traffic. All the while, more houses are planned for the A65 corridor despite congestion, growing potholes and inadequate parking.”

“Let’s sort out transport for the amount of traffic we already have!”

Yorkshire Party Leader, Stewart Arnold added his support, saying: “The problem is that politicians do not sit in traffic trying to get to work avoiding potholes in roads and motorways. Neither do they do have to stand up on packed trains trying to get to work every day. These are the realities of travelling around Yorkshire in 2018.

“We propose a bottom-up review with users at the heart of the process aided by transport experts.

“Too often, politicians have settled on a course of action before taking into account the public’s views or expert analysis.”

Bob Buxton, a Rawdon Parish councillor concluded: “There are many great possibilities as to how we go forwards, but politicians need to be humble and accept they don’t know it all; they mistake authority for expertise. Leeds can do better.”


Proposed review:

Stage 1 would be a city-wide consultation, in which people’s preferences for mode of transport, including trams, trains, buses and cycling, might be surveyed and the public might propose solutions.

Stage 2, appointed transport experts would evaluate proposed transport ideas and recommend costed solutions.


Last month, the Yorkshire Party outlined a radical change in transport policy for the whole county, involving a single authority to plan, manage and operate transport under the control of the Yorkshire Parliament.


Main picture by Michael Taylor

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