Bob highlights folly of council’s airport road plan


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The controversial plan for a big access road scheme to Leeds-Bradford airport is proving unpopular with residents, according to our local candidates in the forthcoming local elections.

Bob Buxton, Executive Committee member, is standing for Guiseley and Rawdon in the Leeds City and for re-election to Rawdon Parish elections in May.

Local canvassing has shown Bob that “people are always interested in local issues – those that affect their everyday lives. The ideological arguments in Westminster’s ivory towers, however, mean nothing.”

Bob said: “The ridiculous Leeds-Bradford Airport road plans are a perfect example of people disenfranchised with top-down politics.

“I’ve knocked on hundreds of doors already this year and not one person has spoken in favour of it and yet Leeds City Council is determined to build it. Fewer than 9% of airport traffic would use it and fewer than 2% of cars on the A65 (the most congested road in the area) are airport customers.

“I know this because Rawdon Parish Council performed a road traffic survey with a sample size of well over 20,000. As well conducting some of the surveys, I was in charge of analysing the stats. A park-and-ride airport station is a much better solution, although Leeds City Council’s current plans for this are sub-optimal and a direct rail link needs to be reconsidered.”

Bob Buxton        Picture: Robbie MacDonald

Bob said among issues raised with him by householders were tackling crime – “there has been a spate on break-ins and car thefts recently” – speeding cars on residential streets, protecting greenbelt, littering and dog fouling, which was particularly angering responsible dog owners.

“In four years as Rawdon parish councillor, I have proposed and supported buying more bins and more speed indication signs (smiley face signs), and I will continue to do so. On crime, the parish council liaises with local police regularly and passes on all concerns brought to us. 

“Rawdon had a great victory on greenbelt since all proposed greenbelt housing in and bordering us was removed from the plans. I’m proud to have played my part, not just as a parish councillor, but as a Yorkshire Party campaigner; I have distributed over 150,000 flyers and knocking on over 10,000 doors since 2015.

“Alas, Guiseley and Yeadon were not so fortunate, losing four greenbelt sites between them. That’s why I’ll continue to support the establishment of town councils for Guiseley and Yeadon, to give local people the same rights as those in Rawdon and a better chance to defend their communities from greenbelt housing. I have found excellent support for town councils on the doorstep in recent years.”


All views are those of Bob Buxton


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