Corey Robinson – Batley and Spen

Why am I standing?

I was born in Staincliffe and lived in Liversedge and Heckmondwike. I’ve seen local issues like GP places, housing, potholes and transport left unaddressed for years. Election promises made and forgotten. London determines how things should be in Yorkshire – and gets it wrong. The Yorkshire Party stands for more local powers and getting our fair share of funding from the taxes we pay.
In last month’s West Yorkshire Mayoral Election the Yorkshire Party came third, ahead of all the small parties including the Greens and the Liberal Democrats. In this election, if you don’t want to vote for the big two, make your vote count by voting for the Yorkshire Party.

It’s time for Yorkshire to have the opportunity to make our own decisions.

Equal opportunities in Education

I studied at Heckmondwike Grammar School but my brothers and sisters did not have that opportunity. Only one of them got any GCSEs at all. Every child deserves equal opportunities and should not be deemed second class because of a test taken at eleven years old. Every school deserves the funding and support to excel, but in Yorkshire the spending per child lags massively behind the south.
A devolved Yorkshire would have control over its own education spending and could prioritise education for green technology.

A new opportunity for our NHS

I studied Engineering at university and now work as a Senior Medical Research Engineer, managing projects and designing instruments and implant devices. If elected, I will use my professional experience to improve patient outcomes. I’ll also campaign for better funding for medical equipment and pay for NHS staff. Devolved governments have given nurses a 4% pay rise. A devolved Yorkshire in a fairer UK could do the same.

Locally, I want to improve access to hospitals, GPs and dentists, including letting people chose which hospitals they use.

Opportunity for Transport

As an engineer, I understand transport technology. West Yorkshire desperately needs a rapid mass transit system like a tram and I am appalled that Labour’s new mayor Tracy Brabin has not included it in her ten priorities. It will create new job opportunities from improved connectivity.
We need to phase in electric and hydrogen buses and fairer fares, allowing people to tap and pay across bus and rail services without being ripped off. Let’s get the roads fixed now. Potholes only get worse with time and the bill only gets bigger.

The Ringway in Spen valley is set to be landfill – completely against local wishes. Instead, let’s have walkways, cycleways and railways linking Cleckheaton, Liversedge and Heckmondwike to the wider network. We must have greener transport to meet environmental targets and cut air pollution.

Tackle Crime and Improve Road Safety

We need a clampdown on unlicensed, uninsured, speeding and drunk drivers. I support better funding and more frontline police, to increase visibility and fight crime. Instead of switching streetlights off at night, let's switch to LED lighting to save energy while still keeping people safe. The best way to prevent crime is with investment in education and equal opportunities across a range of courses – academic and vocational, including apprenticeships.

Regeneration and Infrastructure

Instead of building mansions on the greenbelt, let’s rejuvenate ex-industrial sites with new homes, such as the flats at Blakeridge Mill in Batley. New homes must be built with first rate insulation, solar panels and wind turbines, where appropriate. Existing homes need subsidies for such green technology.

For better homes, we need better infrastructure - schools, GPs, dentists, bin facilities and modern transport.

Yorkshire Party Leader, Dr Bob Buxton

We selected Corey to be our candidate because of his determination to fight for local opportunities – equality in education, job opportunities including greener jobs, modern transport and greener homes people can actually afford to buy.

His professional experience as a medical engineer gives him a unique insight to improve patient outcomes and quality of life.

98% of MPs in England are Labour or Tory. One more won’t make any difference. Vote for Change. Vote for Opportunity.

Vote Yorkshire Party.


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