Being a member of the Yorkshire Party helps us build a fairer, stronger, more prosperous Yorkshire within a better United Kingdom.

We've had a record-breaking last few years:

  • Gaining our best-ever parliamentary election result in Wakefield.
  • Becoming the first non-parliamentary party to finish second across an entire borough in the South Yorkshire Mayoral election.
  • Membership hitting record highs
  • Finishing third across the entire of West Yorkshire during their metro mayor contest.

But we can only do it with your support - by joining us you are helping us to print more leaflets, stand more candidates and win more elections.

Our standard membership rate is £20 per year.

For those who can give more, we offer our premium White Rose Membership at £50 per year. We also offer a discount rate of £5 for students and those under 25.

All of these membership options qualify you as a full member of the Yorkshire Party.

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