How it works

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, we are not able to hold a physical Annual General Meeting so, as we did for the Autumn Conference, we are attempting something new - a virtual A.G.M. The A.G.M. will be held in a 'Virtual Conference Room' (using Zoom).

The schedule for the conference can be seen on the right. To join the A.G.M. you just need to click on the link for the Conference Room which will open in a new browser window.


  • - Please remain muted while not speaking
  • - Please don't all try to talk at once
  • - Please don't try to use Internet Explorer as your web browser. Instead, use Edge, Chrome, Safari, Thunderbird, etc
  • - If at any time any of the embedded links do not work, you can cut and paste this link into your web browser:


1:00pm Start

  Item Presenter Notes
1 Welcome and Apologies (to note)
Introduction to the Yorkshire Party 2020 Annual General Meeting.
Bob Buxton  
2 Minutes of Previous Meeting (to approve)
See minutes of meeting on 11th October 2019.
Darren Longhorn  
3 Chairman’s Report (to note)
Overview on the state of the Yorkshire Party.
Darren Longhorn  
4 Financial Report (to note)
Update on Yorkshire Party finances for the year 2019/20.
John Hall  
5 Internal Elections (to accept)
Update on the results of the internal elections.
Darren Longhorn  * Laurence has since resigned from the position of Chair.

 ** Patrick Carragher did not take up his position on the Executive Committee.

6 Elections Update (to note)
Update on the results of elections in the last year.
Bob Buxton  
7 Councillors Update (to note)
An opportunity for Yorkshire Party councillors to share a brief update on their activities.
Darren Longhorn / Councillors  
8 Constitution Review (to discuss)
To review proposals for changing the constitution.
Darren Longhorn  
9 Members Forum (to discuss)
An opportunity for members to ask questions, share ideas and shape the party’s future.
Darren Longhorn  
10 Closing Remarks Bob Buxton