Andy Budden’s result shows growth for the Yorkshire Party in Doncaster!

While Bob Buxton’s 3rd place finish in the West Yorkshire Mayor Election undoubtedly proved the demand for devolution, Andy Budden’s run in the Doncaster mayoral election showed the demand is not limited to West Yorkshire.

With the Yorkshire Party being the third finishing party - it reinforces the reality that we are the third party of Yorkshire. The first alternative to the big two.

We have seen encouraging growth in recent years across the households of Doncaster and this is all thanks to hard-working campaigning and community engagement.

Budden secured a fantastic 4th place finish with a 6.5% share of the vote, a 1.5% increase over our 2017 result. Over 4,000 people turned out to vote for him on his first attempt, beating both the Greens and Reform UK, two parties with a far larger media profile.

The Yorkshire Party fielded 4 candidates across Doncaster, including former leader Chris Whitwood, and despite the challenges of pandemic campaigning, all ensured respectable results to build on for the future.

“I’d like to offer my personal congratulations to Andy for the result he achieved in Doncaster. He built on, and exceeded, what I was proud to achieve in 2017 and it shows the people of Doncaster that we’re here to stay!”

- Chris Whitwood, Yorkshire Party

Doncaster has always proved to have an independent spirit in elections, repeatedly lending their votes to candidates other than the Westminster parties, this speaks volumes about their continued trust in us.

The results of the last few days prove that the last seven years work to build trust in communities is paying off.

Support for devolution is rising and thanks to our increased presence over the recent weeks, it looks as though that support will continue to rise.

Thank you to all those who supported us and campaigned for us as we plan to break further ground and make a better Yorkshire for us all.
These results show that, in Doncaster, we will be sticking around for some time.


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