Boris Johnson should resign – or be removed

Boris Johnson is unfit to govern and should resign, after recent sleaze scandals and the controversy surrounding the alleged Christmas party in Downing Street last year.

"The Prime Minster's excuses about the Christmas party are laughable and his performance embarrassing. He has not shared the sacrifices made by the nation. He has not led by example. Boris Johnson is not fit to lead the country." Dr Bob Buxton, leader of the Yorkshire Party said.

"A number of Conservative MPs have had serious allegations made against them in recent weeks. Most notably, the PM utterly failed to condemn Owen Patterson and tried to rewrite the rules to negate his punishment - putting Party before country."

Dr Buxton was also scathing about Conservative MPs who have continued to support the Government. "Tory MPs need to put loyalty to the country before loyalty to Boris Johnson. If they vote for immoral bills, they assume full responsibility. If they abstain, that is still failure to stand up for the good of the country. If you fail to do that, why become an MP?"

We first called for Boris Johnson to resign last year, after he failed to follow SAGE advice and call a circuit-breaker lockdown, on September 21st 2020. "He failed then, and tens of thousands of lives were lost. Children lost far more schooling than needed to be the case. It was clear then that he was unsuitable for office. Things have only grown worse. Boris Johnson must resign or be removed by Conservative MPs. If he fails to do the honourable thing, they must put the country first and pass a vote of no confidence."


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